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Don't know cigarettes five use in car maintenance

As we all know smoking is harmful to health, but have some use cigarettes in car maintenance, this know, there are few people.Cigarette not only can be used to diagnose the fault, and also can use it in restricted by conditions or special emergency missions down temporary emergency.
Check valve sealing
Smoke blown available method of check valve and valve seat sealing.Put grinding good valve wash and sequentially in the valve guide, by hand or with the right tools (such as a screwdriver bar) to resist the valve, and then breathe the smoke, to have clean air intake manifold and exhaust manifold mouth mouth blowing smoke, mouth to mouth joint manifold don't leak for the principle.To watch at the same time if there is a smoke came out between valve and valve seat, such as no smoke, shows the valve sealing good, otherwise should be reground.
Check whether the oil, the airway is clear
Available method to check the carburetor oil smoke blown the road was clear.Carburetor oil, vacuum line more, especially the import carburetor, usually need to use compressed gas blowing after cleaning the carburetor, but exactly what kind of oil or vacuum airway real blow through, the operator is difficult to determine, and therefore the phenomenon caused by repair or too little.If using a "blow smoke can very easily make sense of each oil or airway unblocked.
, for example, a carburetor car no idle, unwrapped carburetor cleaning, and drain gas blowing, blowing through, with a hose (such as vacuum distributor pipe in advance), smoke blown from idle oil hole first, then to idle air hole, the smoke leakage from the carburetor mixture in idle speed adjustment screw, in order to be idle oil and air flow, otherwise should be checked again, until it is emitted smoke.
Smoke blown again, can also be used to check on the transmission and driving axle shells, steering shells vent and engine crankcase gas check valve (PCV) was clear, and then according to the situation for repair or replacement.These parts if blocked, will make higher internal pressure, easy to cause the related parts leak and cause failure.
Ash for abrasives Cigarette ash is a kind of good abrasives
In repairing cars carburetor, especially the carburetor of imported cars, often encounter the triangle needle valve wear and not easy to buy, then cigarette ash mix some oil as abrasives are available, and to grinding and triangle triangle needle valve seat, will obtain more satisfactory results.
Tobacco can leak
In driving if there are any water tank leaking can be temporary emergency with tobacco.First pliers clip tank leaking large heat sink flat, and then twist the tank flap of water, at the same time remove the thermostat (in case of congestion), then cut tobacco is, from the mouth into the water tank of water, finally starting the engine, with low, medium and high speed, so in tobacco will be adsorbed in the radiator core pipe leaks.When look into the water tank leaking clogged, cover flap of water, can drive.But it is important to note that can only be used for emergency, back to the field after the application of high pressure water cleaning and welding repair tank.
In addition, still can use tobacco to temporary emergency in local small area of bleeding.Work in the mechanics and cut flesh and blood flow point isn't surprising.After bleeding, if to apply cover the wound with a clean cigarette silk, can have temporary hemostatic and analgesic effect.
Filter can be used as lubricating felt
With a cigarette filter tip can temporarily replace the distributor lubricating felt on the CAM.Outside the first head of the cigarette filter strip of paper, will right amount wire into the original filter felt metal clip (note not too tight or too loose), show the spare part on the available scissors qi, then on the substitute felt flocculant (silk) dropping a few drops of oil.
But when should pay attention to the following:
To use filters, if use without a filter cigarettes, tobacco are likely to be blown into the parts inside;When smoking, should pay attention to fire safety, at the same time to prevent ashes scattered into the precision motion pair.
Editor: Luo Chunqin