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Heart disease in younger trend Expert advice from tobacco + reasonable diet

Today, automobil food industry network 】 【 2015 world heart day press conference held in Beijing.Learned, disease of heart head blood-vessel has become the number one killer of residents' health in our country, with an ageing population and urbanization development, the number of cardiovascular patients will still keep growth trend.To this, expert proposal in terms of the prevention of disease of heart head blood-vessel, answer to be given priority to with the early prevention, and the principle of tobacco, smoking in the home, healthy diet, exercise and smoking in the home, a good way of life can effectively reduce the probability of illness.
Merlin, said professor liu, the first hospital, Beijing university has, according to the incidence of coronary heart disease in our country has showed a trend of getting younger over, QingZhongNian men rise in the incidence of acute coronary heart disease is the most obvious.It is important to note that heart disease death suddenly, half of all deaths occur within an hour.In Beijing, for example, 25-45 QingZhongNian crowd acute coronary heart disease death occurred in 90% of pre-hospital, mainly concentrated in the family.
For the prevention and control of heart disease, the Chinese society of gerontology and geriatric medicine, vice President of cummins p. cardiac-specific troponin think, should pay attention to daily prevention and early intervention.Prevention of heart disease, he said, to nip in the bud, including choosing low-fat diet and prevention "three highs", especially pay attention to the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke.Smoking can cause cancer, not only is the leading cause of heart disease.The United Nations in 2012 at the 66th annual conference will prevent chronic non-communicable diseases show that slow disease prevention is to ban smoking, scientific and reasonable diet, proper exercise.
It is understood that in 1999 the world heart federation announced last Sunday in September each year as "world heart day", to serve each year on September 29 instead.Activity of this year's theme of "healthy heart choose green a wonderful life", China jointly by the organizing committee of the world heart day (China) heart federation, the Chinese medical doctor association, the Chinese society of gerontology, nestle (China) co., LTD.