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YanTan rose 10% a pack of cigarettes hard the two or three yuan more than the guided

If adding 60 yuan a month, will also smoking?This week, Beijing's new and old smokers, may have to ask yourself.Tobacco consumption tax adjustment, has conduction to the retail end soon.Reporter yesterday visited found that this city YanTan to the size of the retail price of cigarettes has risen about 10%.Some mid-range smoke such as Chinese, retail prices are beyond price.Retail price average rose 10%, for a few days of work for a tobacco company salesman li liang (a pseudonym) pricing are busy in one thing - and even the weekend double cease day, he was temporary work overtime to the company."8 tobacco consumption tax adjustment notice of the ministry of finance issued after 9 on Saturday morning, the company began to prepare price list price hikes, every specific brand of cigarettes up how much, how much is wholesale price, retail price is how much, have to confirm one by one."On Monday morning, a new cigarette price list, is distributed to each retailer's hand.Li liang will turn call familiar retailers, explain the content of the policy adjustments and price details."Different cigarette, wholesale pricing is different, some 4% to 5%, some 11%, the average rate is around 6%. The suggested retail price rose by an average 10%."Li liang to reporters cites two examples: a hard Chinese, wholesale prices rose from 360 yuan to 382 yuan, the retail price rose to 450 yuan.A soft yuxi, wholesale prices rose from 190 yuan to 201 yuan, the retail price will rise from 210 yuan to 230 yuan.Size YanTan generally rise price Older smokers on Tuesday, Mr Zhang met the first pricing smoke, on the door of the little YanTan "zhongnanhai" 0.3 price has been turned into 22 yuan from 20 yuan."All of the staff told me, because the purchase price up, price also have to follow."Although Mr Zhang speculation he should buy is in stock, but still pay 2 yuan more.Yesterday, the reporter visited the international trade, double Wells, wanliu bridge size cigarette retail locations found that cigarette prices already all rise, each pack up from 0.5 yuan to 3 yuan, rose by an average 10%.Guomao bridge north, a supermarket owner the cheapest $5 cigarettes, a bag of 5.5 yuan, now the original 10 yuan per pack of cigarettes, now basic 11 yuan, and such as yuxi, zhongnanhai, the Chinese brand, each pack up in 2 yuan.The more basic principle is that the price of the more expensive rose.Store for alcohol, tobacco, double bridge north well, yesterday evening is all put on the new price tag.Staff, they came from yesterday morning began to adjust the price.All the cigarettes, only didn't rise in price is single package price 100 yuan red pandas, "the increase in the price of price caps is not allowed to smoke."Buy cigarettes people don't care Reporter in the interview found that although tobacco companies for the retail price of all the same, but in different YanTan, some mid-range cigarette price is different.In soft yuxi, for example, the reporter asked the three stores, are the price of $24 and $23 per pack;And hard Chinese offer $47 and 48 yuan respectively."Smoke low person, to the sensitivity of the price is higher, more rise could not buy. But people smoke in high-grade, because they are not to buy."Store boss revealed that the rise in price the day before yesterday, did not significantly affect the sales of cigarettes, expect future low-end cigarette sales declined slightly.Reporter consulting for 5 minutes, the store came in three people buy cigarettes, heard that rise in price, don't show too much objection.Only a 25-year-old young people up and down, because buy nanjing brand cigarettes, rose to 20 yuan to pay the money and asked the store to send a lighter.Our reporter Zhao yingying J201 a pack of cigarettes, how much tax?Folk have a saying like this: a pack of cigarettes, 80% is tax.So is what tax?1. The production consumption, production price x 56% + 0.003 yuan/x 20 VAT (output tax - the input tax) x city building duty 17% : 7% pay VAT by the educational expenses to add: pay 3% of the value-added tax (2) commercial wholesale link tax: wholesale price 11% + 0.005 yuan/x 20 VAT (output tax - the input tax) x city building duty 17% : pay 7% of the value-added tax of add, pay value added tax of 3% 3. Retail: (VAT input tax output tax -) x 17%