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2015 Chinese adult tobacco survey: China's average daily smokers smoking is 15.2

China JingJiWang Beijing December 28 (reporter wu jiajia) 28 Chinese center for disease control and prevention in Beijing released the 2015 Chinese adult tobacco survey report shows that China's tobacco epidemic is still grim, crowd smoking rates compared with five years ago, there was no significant change in our country, at 27.7%.Smoking rates of 52.1% of men and women was 2.7%.Due to population growth, according to the current smoking rates, China is now the number of smokers than rose by 15 million, five years ago has reached 316 million.Smokers on average 15.2 smoking cigarettes a day, compared with five years ago, increased by 1.
Compared with 2010, in indoor workplaces and public places of secondhand smoke exposure rate declined.The workplace of the secondhand smoke exposure rate from 60.6% to 54.3%;Government buildings has fallen from 54.9% to 54.9%;A medical institution has fallen from 36.8% to 36.8%;Primary and secondary schools (indoor and outdoor) fell from 34.6% to 34.6%;The restaurant has fallen from 87.6% to 87.6%.
Investigation shows that in five years, the public of a ban on smoking in public places and workplaces indoor has high support.However, fail to improve public awareness of the smoking harm that smoking causes lung cancer is close to 80%, but know smoking cause other disease (stroke, myocardial infarction, and erectile dysfunction) the proportion of only 31.0%, 31.0% and 31.0% respectively.In addition, tobacco advertising and promotion are still widespread.The average sales price has increased, but did not keep pace with the growth of the residents' purchasing power.
The report suggests, as soon as possible through the national comprehensive smoke-free laws and regulations;To further improve the cigarette tax and reduce tobacco consumption;Strengthen propaganda about tobacco control, pushing graphic warnings on cigarette packets;To carry out the new advertisement law, perfecting the charity law, comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship;To strengthen the construction of smoking cessation service network, improve the ability of quitting smoking.
According to introducing, 2015 Chinese adult tobacco during the investigation from 2014 to 2014, investigate the target population is 15 years old and above China's urban and rural resident population, a total of 15095 subjects participated in throughout the country.Survey aims to understand exactly China tobacco epidemic situation, estimates of tobacco use on public health and economic impact, evaluate the effectiveness of tobacco control policies.