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The securities times reporter Yu Shengliang (fortune garden)
"We have a data proved that the electronic cigarette is a good choice to customers, is a good chance to merchants, electronic cigarettes can do better, can be improved in many ways, be like big rush's product."
Simultaneous interpretation is an eclectic, advancing with The Times of young people in the language, he will be the U.S. cigarette manufacturer association (TMA) President Farrell Delman speech translation.
Yesterday, a Chinese electronic cigarette in shenzhen baoan district peak BBS, Chinese and foreign electronic cigarette industry together, listening to the stage that group of foreigners talk about, you will feel the most articulate people gathered in the tobacco industry, who let this industry is inherently lack moral way to blood, and want to survive?
Tobacco to meet customer demand, but because of the dangers of tobacco, the supply is not moral, for many years in order to improve the public opinion, the tobacco companies generosity to the charity industry, even donate money to quit smoking.
But the tobacco industry is unpopular, countries are committed to reduce tobacco sales, reduce the number of smokers, even retailers are also action, and the CVS Caremark has announced this year October 1 to stop selling cigarettes, therefore may reduce the $2 billion in annual sales.
Says the tobacco industry, because they know all of the possible adverse health effects of tobacco data, also understand the government and the social public opinion is against how they, but they will find existence value.
Survival, the smoke association members and non-members to sell all kinds of industry publications and research reports, the President of Farrell Delman in his speech, stressing the need to reduce the number of smokers, reduce the dangers of tobacco, and to contribute.
To this, his suggestion is to expand the popularity of electronic cigarettes.He thinks that 60% of smokers want to quit smoking, but the lack of method and the professional guidance, the electronic cigarette is a very good transition, electronic cigarettes can contribute to reduce the dangers of tobacco.His reason is that "whether electronic cigarettes bring harm is not clear, but must be substantially less than cigarettes", two evils than take its weight.
The national tobacco company vice President Ron Tully opinion agreed Farrell Delman's point of view, he believed that electronic cigarettes sales prospects in the United States, including wal-mart, 300000 terminals can be a point of sale.
He said shenzhen is a "very good, amazing electronic cigarette production base".Indeed, in 2013 smokers who consumed $3 billion electronic cigarettes, 90% of them from shenzhen, its origin is concentrated in the baoan district of shenzhen shajing neighborhood.
Also provides many opportunities to the industry, shaanxi versicolor biological technology co., LTD. Of the beauty to the scene of the BBS for an opportunity, hope to promote nicotine, a woman from the Eastman chemical is want to let the customer make the rod with their chemical raw materials.Shenzhen easydrive technology co., LTD., chairman of group liu fang is obviously interested in research and development is also very have a sense of accomplishment, emotional speech to the electronic smoke.
BBS in the first three rows of sit is mostly foreigners, this is an interesting phenomenon, it clearly shows that also is just a production base in shenzhen, including brand, the formula and the market is in the hands of europeans and americans.
In fact this is not a surprise, it's just sad a microcosm of the tobacco industry in the developed countries days, the United States is the world's biggest cigarette market, but the sales is decreasing at an annual rate of 3%.Europe is also committed to 2020 years ago to control within 12% smoking rates, so the European and American businessmen more actively looking for tobacco substitutes, look from the speaker, the European and American businessmen hope for the electronic cigarettes on a larger, more aggressive attitude towards electronic cigarettes.
Tobacco companies reputation, tobacco industry reputation is not good, but China is still an exception, the Chinese envy tobacco industry workers, because it means that less Labour time and higher pay.So the Chinese invented the electronic cigarettes, but found the market in Europe and the United States, because China's tobacco price is too cheap.Currently China has 350 million smokers, 1.2 million people a year die in tobacco, are all around the world.
Although the industry of electronic cigarettes, but unfortunately, the health and medical people with suspicious eyes staring at the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes, after all, the atomization want to rely on nicotine, essence and other chemical raw materials, which is harmful to health.Industry hope electronic cigarettes as tobacco substitutes, or settle for second best as the transition, but there are some who want to electronic cigarettes and tobacco to death together.
World health organization (who) in Geneva on the 26th, according to a report issued by the electronic cigarette will also produce toxic substances and hazardous to health, governments should take measures to prohibit people from selling electronic cigarettes to teenagers, and electronic cigarette falls within the scope of tobacco, and is a kind of medical supplies.
If governments policy with who the regulation policy is consistent, so the electronic cigarette will face higher taxes, there is no advantage in price, is bound to hurt sales, sales channel is limited.
It is hard to say, the electronic cigarette industry is a promising star, or the transition of the anarchy of product, it may depend on how many people smoking in the future.Sometimes industry developing fast, the personage inside course of study also incorrect judgment, such as e-book was once popular, now silent again.
However, shenzhen electronic cigarette production enterprise bosses are mostly along the doer of market of seasoning, probably won't want to so far.